At Smart International Schools our team is equipped with experience and modernization, empathic leaders who believe in developing teachers and students, true leaders of their sections and visionaries with their insights in the SMART education system.

Ms. Sherine Emam School Director

I am graduated from El Nasr girls college in year 1993. I have a bachelor degree in Engineering from Alexandria University in 1998.
I started my career in the year 1998 as a mathematics teacher , in the EGC for more than 10 years , I then joined El kaumeya international school as Math teacher and co-ordinator in the American division. I then worked as Mathematics head of department at International Liberty School

After that I worked as school principal at Brilliance American School
I then worked as Middle and high school principal at El Forsan international school , then I worked as an educational consultant for several international schools abroad .

Finally , I am now the school principal at Smart international school My goal is to provide the leadership , guidance and support needed to provide a unique and high quality education at Smart international school to lead in developing academic excellence and character development in an outstanding school community of team members who are dedicated to what is best for our students.

Ms. Sherine Emam / School Director

Dr. Sherine Abo Hashish
IGCSE Headmistress

Meet Dr. Sherine Abo Hashish, an accomplished educator and Headmistress with a strong background in the field of education. Graduating from the faculty of pharmacy in 2002, she initially embarked on a career in pharmacy, gaining valuable experience across various domains.
In 2004, Dr. Abo Hashish discovered her true passion for teaching and made a career shift. Starting as an assistant IGCSE chemistry teacher for grade 10, she quickly excelled in her role. She then took on the challenge of teaching year 10 students in Victory College, focusing on a small class of repeaters.
Driven by a thirst for new experiences, she ventured to Saudi Arabia, where she spent a year teaching years 8 and 9 at Dar Jana and Pioneers International School in Jeddah. Returning to Egypt, Dr. Abo Hashish taught at several prestigious schools in Alexandria, including Alexandria House of English, Reyadah, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, and Future International School.
For the past two years, she has been serving as the Head of the British section at Harvest International School in Borg El Arab, Alexandria. Additionally, she took on the role of school principal at Harvard International School, leading the schools establishment process from licensing to its successful opening. Afterward, she rejoined Harvest International School as the Head of the British Department for upper grades, while also teaching chemistry to years 9 and 10.
Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, Dr. Abo Hashish is currently pursuing an educational Diploma of Leadership with Cambridge University to enhance her expertise and ensure the highest quality of teaching. Presently, she holds the position of Head of the British Department, overseeing primary, lower, and upper secondary education at Smart International School. She also contributes as a part-time chemistry examiner at the British Council and serves as an academic coordinator at New Generation International School in Sohag.
Teaching chemistry is not just a profession for Dr. Abo Hashish; it is a deep-rooted passion. She finds great pleasure in guiding students to truly understand the subject, encouraging critical thinking over rote memorization. To foster a genuine love for learning, she actively engages learners, making them accountable for their education while instilling important values along the way.


Ms. Nadia Sherif Headmistress of Foundation Stage

Meet Ms. Nadia Sherif, a dedicated and experienced educator serving as the Headmistress of Foundation Stage. She completed her studies at E.G.C and subsequently pursued a degree in English from the faculty of Arts, specializing in the translation section.
With over 12 years of teaching experience, Ms. Sherif has honed her expertise in both national and international schools. Her passion for education and commitment to nurturing young minds have been instrumental in her successful career journey.