School Facilities

School facilities are positively responsive to the updated programs of educational delivery as they provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, air-conditioned, and well-ventilated built upon the highest safety measures, and pleasing at the same time.
Our physical layout and facility designs are created in response to our SMART educational philosophy, we urge to provide elements that will create an environment that is safe, beneficial, comfortable, interactive, pleasing and most importantly, Homealike for our precious kids...
School facilities include all the needed buildings, areas and facilities to develop an integrated learning experience, all our facilities can be grouped under our tour from the gate, all the way to the top...

  • Location
    An accessible location from all regions in Alexandria linked with a strong network of Grade-A busses.
  • Gates
    The gates of our castle stand strong and safe for the protection and control of our kids as a benchmark in the access control management with a safe and secure system to protect our kids.
    Added sterilization measures against different pandemics starting from checking all our students and visitors and going through the sterilization process, Safety comes first...
  • Break Area
    When space is at a premium, finding places for students to meet or gather outside classrooms is priceless, providing those areas are essential for the characters to develop, in other words a priority, so we provided spacious break area equipped with all th gear and equipment, safe and sound for all our children to play along with, our canteen and eating are, fully provided with all what is healthy for future leaders. It is the place for students to meet, talk, spend quality time and most importantly, be provided with healthy foods and soft drinks...
  • Sport Facilities
    When space is at a premium, finding places for students to meet or gather outside classrooms is priceless, providing those areas . We have prepared a multipurpose room, Aerobics room and a Futsal hall for our precious kids to grow on the athletic aspect designed on the international standards
  • Classrooms
    Spacious classrooms with the top-notch technology including and not precluding to Data shows, Interactive Boards, lockers for our students to gain a sense of privacy and all the equipment needed for a comprehensive educational experience, this is the physical pillar to provide interactive learning experience for the students like no other...
  • Laboratories
    General Science, physics & biology and chemistry are taught for the most part in "versatile" classrooms within our innovative laboratories. All equipment is mobile other than a series of stations with safe and controlled outlets for water, gas and electricity.
  • Music Rooms and Studios
    The music spaces serve as the primary area for the choir and music education equipped with different devices and musical instruments
  • Clinic
    The Clinic is an essential part of our philosophy in protecting our family, the clinic is equipped with all the needed first aids accredited by international standards to help during emergency cases.
  • Computer Labs
    Each Computer Lab is accredited by global entities to be an international authorized testing center, starting from the layout moving to the specifications of our computers and networks.
  • Libraries
    A top-notch library linked to our SMART learning management system to assure a beneficial self-learning experience; Vantage Books find their mix with Grade A computers in our SMART interactive library...
  • Cookery and Agriculture Rooms
    Independence is one of our core values for our students, pillared on this, we urge to teach them basic life skills like cooking and agriculture in an engaging safe environment.
  • Art Galleries
    We did not miss the Artistic Side for our kids, creating and growing those artists need a well-equipped gallery to unlock their full capabilities; indoors and outdoors.
  • Activity Room
    Our activity room is simply our Neverland, it is the infinity land for all the activities that our teachers and social counselors can come up with to create an interactive experience.
  • Security Camera Systems
    Every inch of our premises is monitored by cameras to ensure the safety of our student and staff
  • Smart Premises
    All of our premises is built using smart systems starting the faucet system, coolers and other items to minimize touching in order to fight different pandemics
  • Access Control Points
    The movement of our students and staff will be monitored using cards and bracelets even the absence and presence of the students and staff will be automated