At Smart International Schools our team is equipped with experience and modernization, empathic leaders who believe in developing teachers and students, true leaders of their sections and visionaries with their insights in the SMART education system.

Ms. Sherine Emam School Director

I am graduated from El Nasr girls college in year 1993. I have a bachelor degree in Engineering from Alexandria University in 1998.
I started my career in the year 1998 as a mathematics teacher , in the EGC for more than 10 years , I then joined El kaumeya international school as Math teacher and co-ordinator in the American division. I then worked as Mathematics head of department at International Liberty School

After that I worked as school principal at Brilliance American School
I then worked as Middle and high school principal at El Forsan international school , then I worked as an educational consultant for several international schools abroad .

Finally , I am now the school principal at Smart international school My goal is to provide the leadership , guidance and support needed to provide a unique and high quality education at Smart international school to lead in developing academic excellence and character development in an outstanding school community of team members who are dedicated to what is best for our students.

Ms. Sherine Emam / School Director

Mrs. Hanaa Montasser
CIPP & Lower Secondary Headmistress

I gained my work experience in the field of education step by step, starting as a teacher in the Foundation stage to becoming The Vice-head of the CIPP & Lower Secondary in the IG department.
Throughout my working experience, I gained a lot of skills, made huge achievements, and deeply understood the elements of success of the IG Educational System.
I believe that working for almost 20 years in different fields of school educational systems enhanced me to draw my outlines for a successful department.

Working Experience
I worked at Innovation School as a vice-head for CIPP and Lower Secondary, as well as working at New El Quds International School with the same title.
Before that I was a headmistress for Middle and Senior at El Quds National School

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"…Abraham Lincoln.
At Smart International School, we strive to create an environment where each student has an opportunity to grow and achieve his/her individual success.
"Anything well begun is half done" Awell known said. At Smart International School, we cannot deny that everything started with a positive attitude is almost done and all students have to be sure we are here to support and guide them.

Smart International School team is trying their best to make our students feel the sense of belonging to the school; we develop in them human qualities as love, respect, forgiveness, understanding, humility, patience, compassion, friendship and service to others.
Our selected teachers are not only leaders in their field but are also individuals who truly love their work. The outstanding and well-qualified members act within thoughtful, mental and responsive curriculum which moulds each child into a complete human being whom we guide to become a significant influence and service to the society.
We are committed to work collaboratively with parents to nurture an individual who possess love for the nation, society, community and family values.

Mrs. Hanaa Montasser
CIPP & Lower Secondary Headmistress


Mrs. Rabab ElShal Headmistress of the Foundation stage

At, SMART INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL our main objective is to provide an enabling environment which promotes the learning and development of every child attending our setting.
Our curriculum is designed to allow children to develop the knowledge and learning behaviours that they need to succeed in life.
Children’s learning is led through a balance of discrete, adult-led sessions and carefully planned continuous provision where children have the opportunity to investigate and apply their learning using our stimulating indoor and outdoor environments.

Mrs. Rabab ElShal / Headmistress of the Foundation stage