Smart Team

  • Top Management
    A team of leaders' with a passion towards learning and empowering their teams, a network of professionals with passion towards learning, equipped with our philosophy in learning as a whole through delivering education, building character and equipping tomorrow's leaders with the needed skills to create a better world through contributing to creating a better child and a leader..
  • School Heads
    A team equipped with experience and modernization, Empathic leaders who believe in developing teachers and students, true leaders of their sections and visionaries with their insights in the SMART education system
  • Teachers
    Our officers in the battle of developing our kids, certified and qualified members; of our educational castle, always self-developing to ensure the best education experience
  • Social Counselors
    School counselors play a vital role in the education team, helping students to make the most of their educational opportunities by addressing issues such as conflicting class schedules, behavior modification and even serious issues
  • Floor Supervisors
    Our eyes in every floor, equipped with their understanding to our SMART system and their advanced communication skills in dealing with our kids outside of the class environment, keeping them safe and sound and at the same time, free.
  • Doctor and Nurses
    A full time Medical Doctor and a nurse to manage any emergency cases along with a percentage amongst our staff to be certified in the first aid from Ministry of Health.
  • Security Officers
    The guardians of our castle, capable and cautious hands and eyes to maintain a safeguard gate for our premises
  • Nannies
    Those well selected beautiful souls will take care of our kids from Foundation to Graduation with capable hands, A resourceful mind and big heart
  • Gardeners and Workers
    A crew of skilled workers to maintain a clean and well designed environment in a colorful beautiful atmosphere