Who we are!!!

We are a network of professionals with passion towards learning, equipped with our philosophy in learning as a whole through delivering education, building character and equipping tomorrow's leaders with the required skills to create a better world through contributing to creating a healthier child with a stable personality...
The story started with a dream, a dream of a SMART educational system with more comprehensive approach to focus on character before academic level, many people from different backgrounds who all stand with one purpose, the perfect environment for our kids...

Why Smart International School????

  • Teaching Technology
    This is not our plan but rather our strategy, teaching technology is more than advanced computers, a strong network and world class internet connection (Which we gladly offer), teaching technology is constantly developing our people and processes to maintain an engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • Limited students within every class
    Exclusiveness is the word here, to maintain the promised level is to offer our focus to a limited number of students within our class to have the international teacher - student rate.
  • Gamification and Interactive Learning
    Every and each teacher is Gamification certified, every and each teacher within our family can teach his / her subject using beautiful games and activities to engage different age groups' students
  • Cambridge and Advanced-Ed
    International standards are more than an echo but a promise to deliver world class teaching technologies and methodologies through a well monitored system to ensure our SMART educational system
  • Character Development Programs and Montessori program
    We are one of the first schools to adapt the Character Development Programs; we simply build desirable competencies like psychological selfcare, empathy, belonging, commitment, independence, adaptability and persistence within the cognitive perspective on the hands of our social counselors and teachers through a very hopeful program that goes from the foundation stages to the very graduation day.
    Montessori method stands among different education eras as one of the best education technologies
  • Learning Management System
    Monitoring our kids in school is our duty and then we send them with their potentials home where they are being monitored by their parents yet we need some coordination. Regular parental meetings are going to be held but a strong learning management system that enables the parents to access the kids' grades and behavioral score and read teachers' and social counselors' insights about them...
  • Personal Development Plans
    Each student comes first on our priority list; generating Personal Development Plan on the academic, behavioral and athletic aspects is a priority to develop our kids in the highest possible way.
  • Modern Skills
    Programming, Web Development and entrepreneurship are some of our Modern Skills Package to equip a student that is ready for tomorrow's leadership in the labor market.
  • Basic Life Skills
    As mentioned, Independence is one our core values for our students, pillared on this, we urge to teach them basic life skills like cooking and agriculture.